why Do Companies Prefer Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

Methods of traditional marketing include radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Even though these methods were effective once, their effectiveness has changed with the rise of digital marketing methods, their popularity and ease of use.

SEO intelligence before companies decide whether to use traditional marketing techniques or digital marketing, they should consider the statistics of how many people actually pick a newspaper and read it daily, or the number of people who buy magazines in this day and age.

Using Television Advertisements

There is no doubt that people still watch television; however, the number of hours that they watch television ads has greatly reduced. Nowadays, movie and show streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and CBS are preferred by customers. They get to buy a subscription for an app of these streaming mediums, watch shows on their smartphones or watch them on their television. These websites dont have advertisements, which is why people prefer to use them Digital-Marketing-Strategies.

Whenever an advertisement appears on TV, people are usually using their smart phones, checking their social media accounts before their TV show starts again. This is why, traditional marketing wont be of any use here; as people are checking their smart phones, it is better to advertise using digital marketing.

Knowing About The Audience

How would a company know, who is reading their ads in newspapers, magazines, or watching them between TV shows? It would require a lot of time to run a survey, but with digital marketing, things are different. It is easy to see the ad that the target audience of a company likes the most, because when users like something on social media, they express their opinion and interact with the brand.

The likes that an ad receives, the number of times it is shared and the comments underneath the ad, would tell a company what people think about their ad. It is a quick response, which companies value, as they can act on the given feedback and change their ads.

A Global Audience

How many people would read a newspaper that is published in a city, which is on another continent? The exposure that traditional marketing gives companies is not enough. Every company wants to be known globally; they want their ad to break international barriers, and appeal to a market which they havent tapped. Companies want to reach customers they havent targeted, and this is all possible due to digital marketing. The exposure to a global audience that digital marketing techniques give companies, traditional marketing methods cant BigFootDigital.

Communication With The Audience

The reason why most companies prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing is because of the opportunity of communication they get. They can talk to their customers, without having to depend on another party, and handle customers on their own. This makes customers more aware about brands and what they stand for TimesPro.