The Pros And Cons Of Every Door Direct Mail

Every door direct mail is one of the best ways to get your message across to a specific location or demographic without the high cost of print and TV advertising. This simple marketing technique makes use of the postal service to send mail directly to the intended recipient via snail mail.

If you’re planning to use this kind of service for your business, you have to know the pros and cons of using it. Here are the PROs and CONs of every door direct mail:

1. It gets your message to everyone in the same location – the most obvious advantage of this service is getting your mail inside the customers mailbox. This direct contact with the customer helps ensure that you get your message across to people who live in the same area. If you’re a newly opened printing service, for example, and you want people to know about your service, every door direct mail is a great service to use.
2. It’s cheap – you can send mail directly to your customers without breaking the bank. Every door direct mail services are priced at just a few cents per mail piece. Thats a lot of savings and a lot of exposure for your brand.
3. It’s so easy to use – just fill in a form, send in your designs, and get them sent. If you want an eye-catching design you may need to hire a designer for this, but thats about it.

1. Not everyone in the same area is a potential customer – even if you’ve studied the demographic and the maps, you dont always know whether a person you sent your mail to will become a customer or not. This can result to a lot of leads, but not a lot of conversion.
2. Designing an insert mail can be a nightmare – you always want to catch peoples attention with your direct mail. To do this, you need to hire a graphic artist or an ad agency. Its not easy creating a simple flyer or marketing copy. It can take a lot of effort just to make a strategically designed, aesthetically appealing, and highly effective marketing piece.
3. People think it’s just spam – when people see mail for products or services they dont subscribe to, they instantly think your mail is spam. Most people often chuck spam mail immediately without reading what’s inside. Your efforts at creating great copy could just go to waste.

There are positive and negative effects of using an every door direct mail service. You just need to weigh how much you need this type of service for your business, or if you can use other channels to do your marketing for you.