Does Digital Marketing Have A Lot Of Say In What People Buy?

Customers make their own decision about which products they need and should buy. However, digital marketing has an influence on what people buy, because it raises awareness about the latest trends, products and what other people are buying.

Instagram Influencers

Brands hire Instagram influencers to market their products to their followers, because they know that some people are influential enough to impact the purchasing decisions of others. Instagram influencers are given free products, which they try, and then even demonstrate in front of the camera for their thousands or millions of followers. Influencers are trusted by their followers, as they have tried products suggested by them in the past, and know that they will always promote only those products, which benefit them. Even though this might sound like a side digital marketing technique, it can be very effective, particularly if the influencer is a known celebrity.

Promotional Ads

Brands often place their promotional ads on different websites, and not just on social media websites. They might appear in front of the user in the shape of pop-up ads, Facebook ads or Google ads. These ads would help customers remember information about the brand, and they wont be able to ignore such ads, particularly if they are of high quality. For example, if a video starts playing in front of the user, at the start of a YouTube video while they are trying to watch a song, they wont be able to ignore the ad. In fact, YouTube has a time limit, only after which the user can skip the ad.

Such ads are used for brand positioning; whenever the customer wants to buy a product, they will immediately remember the ad and the brand selling the product. Such brand positioning is very helpful in increasing sales and revenues Click Here.

Hashtag Hype

If a brand wants to make people curious about a product that they are launching, then they ask their marketers to create hashtag hype. They choose specific keywords that relate to their brand, and start posting tweets or Facebook posts on both platforms, at a massive scale. This leads to trending topics and when customers see something trending, they do click on the hashtag to explore it further.

This is particularly helpful in the case of introducing new chip flavors or ice-cream flavors, as customers feel the need to try such products right away. They would want to tweet or share their experience on Facebook, after using the product, so that they can be part of what everyone is talking about.


When the search engine optimization techniques adopted by a marketer are according to the guidelines of search engines, and he is able to attract visitors to a website, then that means a good ranking in Google search results. If Google is telling customers that this website is reliable, then users will believe the search engine and will explore the website further. This ranking influences the buying behavior of consumers.