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On-page And Off-page Seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for a while and many marketers take it as a whole and single strategy but in actual SEO is divided into two categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. In this topic we will discuss them and some activities which come under them.

On-Page SEO

Any measure you take within your website for SEO is on-Page SEO It is about optimizing your website so it can be search engine friendly. Your on-page SEO tells the search engine what your website is about. Following are a few things included in on-page SEO.


Keyword optimization is an important factor in your on-page SEO strategy, using keywords in different parts of your website highlights your relevancy to search engines.

Page loading Speed

Your page loading speed comes under the umbrella of on-page SEO; it directly affects your SEO ranking.

Meta tags

Meta tags are small description about a page, highlighted in search engine result pages (SERP) under the URL. Highlighting keywords in Meta tags is a good on-page SEO strategy.

Alt text

Alt text is keyword and phrases attributed to images on a page to get it indexed for searches. It helps search engines to understand the pages content.


Optimizing your page content is also part of on-page SEO. Make sure you have quality, updated and readable content on your website. Quality of your content reflects directly on your ranking in SERP.

Title tags

Title tags are the heading or titles of your pages. You can optimize your targeted keyword in headings or title tags but make sure they are relevant to that pages content and look natural.

Internal linking

Internal linking are links on a page which directs the users to others pages within the same domain or website. These links are crawled by Google bot, to find relationship between pages.

Off-page SEO

While on-page SEO refers to activity within your website, in contrast the off-page SEO refers to activities outside your website. It focuses on increase of the authority of your website, through getting backlinks from other websites. Off-page SEO includes the following activity.

Backlinks/External links

The biggest factor in your off-page SEO, which have a huge impact on your SERP ranking, is getting quality and quantity external/back links to your website. Search engine consider them as an endorsement from other websites that your page have high quality content. Why else would an authority website give link of another website? Obviously you have to raise the quality of your content if you want quality backlinks.

Social media promotion

Many experts believe that your ranking is not directly affected by social media signals. But it helps to promote your products and services and increases the traffic to your website.


A successful SEO strategy relies on both on and off page SEO. Your SEO strategy can be easier if you divide and understand the function and purpose of them. While on-page SEO is something under your control, off-page SEO can take a while.

why Do Companies Prefer Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

Methods of traditional marketing include radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. Even though these methods were effective once, their effectiveness has changed with the rise of digital marketing methods, their popularity and ease of use.

SEO intelligence before companies decide whether to use traditional marketing techniques or digital marketing, they should consider the statistics of how many people actually pick a newspaper and read it daily, or the number of people who buy magazines in this day and age.

Using Television Advertisements

There is no doubt that people still watch television; however, the number of hours that they watch television ads has greatly reduced. Nowadays, movie and show streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and CBS are preferred by customers. They get to buy a subscription for an app of these streaming mediums, watch shows on their smartphones or watch them on their television. These websites dont have advertisements, which is why people prefer to use them Digital-Marketing-Strategies.

Whenever an advertisement appears on TV, people are usually using their smart phones, checking their social media accounts before their TV show starts again. This is why, traditional marketing wont be of any use here; as people are checking their smart phones, it is better to advertise using digital marketing.

Knowing About The Audience

How would a company know, who is reading their ads in newspapers, magazines, or watching them between TV shows? It would require a lot of time to run a survey, but with digital marketing, things are different. It is easy to see the ad that the target audience of a company likes the most, because when users like something on social media, they express their opinion and interact with the brand.

The likes that an ad receives, the number of times it is shared and the comments underneath the ad, would tell a company what people think about their ad. It is a quick response, which companies value, as they can act on the given feedback and change their ads.

A Global Audience

How many people would read a newspaper that is published in a city, which is on another continent? The exposure that traditional marketing gives companies is not enough. Every company wants to be known globally; they want their ad to break international barriers, and appeal to a market which they havent tapped. Companies want to reach customers they havent targeted, and this is all possible due to digital marketing. The exposure to a global audience that digital marketing techniques give companies, traditional marketing methods cant BigFootDigital.

Communication With The Audience

The reason why most companies prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing is because of the opportunity of communication they get. They can talk to their customers, without having to depend on another party, and handle customers on their own. This makes customers more aware about brands and what they stand for TimesPro.

How Site Speed Influences Seo

This article is majorly designed to give a broad perspective on the relationship between your website speed and the influence that it has on your SEO. In most cases, a lot of complains arise as a result of slow speed in websites. The website may have speed issues and one may find it difficult to find a way to resolve the is always recommended that before anything is done to improve the SEO rankings, a keen analysis has to be done on the website speed before any optimization strategy is applied.

Let Us Take A Look At The Various Ways That The Site Speed Influences SEO

Time and again Google has insisted that in order to rank better you must first ensure that you incorporate a fast website hence that is why google launched speed update which is aimed at making a detailed speed ranking factor basically for mobile searches hence would only have an effect on slowest sites boosting then to get even more faster. Whereas this will only happen on slow sites, the fast sites will not get boosts. To understand this, google intended to look at the site speeds all across the internet.

Time Factor

High site speed will also lead to ensuring that the site works well and hence you wont experience negative effects such as a significant drop off and reduction of three people that tend to visit your site. This hence can be achieved by ensuring that you have well-targeted and top-notch content. Typical structure here is that the people you tend to reach need to be able to load your site fast to be able to reach and access your company content swiftly. If your site takes

longer periods to load, a competitor whose site loads much faster will have a higher stake with just a click away.

It is then clear that indeed your site speed will affect SEO and if therefore not greatly investing in putting up a fast site will most likely be like not putting into consideration and caring about your business image.

Site speed influences SEO even more greatly when it comes to mobile, Google conducted research whereby the findings was that the average mobile site takers run to up to over 15 seconds to load only. but why is this considered to have a great effect on SEO? we find that people usually expect these mobile sites to load in even less than 3 seconds since every second is key and counts and the longer it takes the conversations to tend to drop sharply the longer the site takes to load. Hence this is a key area that has got a great impact and influence on SEO altogether.

Fast Sites Make It Easier To Crawl

Crawling is a key area of site SEO and it is greatly influenced by the loading time. We find that the modern sites are highly untangling causing a general mess and with that only makes a big difference. It is advisable to apply various actions such as deleting of old posts and those posts that are outdated, also the site structure needs to be fixed. It is also advised that a better hosting plan be put in place this will turn the servers into an exceptional fine-tuned machine. Optimization speeds generally rely on how big your site is. Crawl budgets are also influenced by this great and also the crawl rate.

Site Speed Tends To Improve User Experience

It is always stressful to people when they experience mobile delays and slow spewed hence when the site speed is improved all across then that means everybody will be happy and will enjoy very much to use your site without any second thoughts. This definitely will boost your rankings in google and they will see that your site has excellent search results.

High Conversation And Lower Bounce Rates Come Only With Fast-Loading Sites

For anyone with a site, the goal is always to have the fastest site that beats all the competitors. With a fast site, the probability of having people hitting the back button in your site is equivalent to zero as compared to a slow site. Therefore having a fast site will not only boost your brand but also customer trust and loyalty.

Site Speed Is A Key Ranking Factor

When Google launched the speed update, of course, the main reason was to make site speed a key factor in ranking when it comes to mobile searches and google made it clear that this would only affect all the slow sites.

Does Digital Marketing Have A Lot Of Say In What People Buy?

Customers make their own decision about which products they need and should buy. However, digital marketing has an influence on what people buy, because it raises awareness about the latest trends, products and what other people are buying.

Instagram Influencers

Brands hire Instagram influencers to market their products to their followers, because they know that some people are influential enough to impact the purchasing decisions of others. Instagram influencers are given free products, which they try, and then even demonstrate in front of the camera for their thousands or millions of followers. Influencers are trusted by their followers, as they have tried products suggested by them in the past, and know that they will always promote only those products, which benefit them. Even though this might sound like a side digital marketing technique, it can be very effective, particularly if the influencer is a known celebrity.

Promotional Ads

Brands often place their promotional ads on different websites, and not just on social media websites. They might appear in front of the user in the shape of pop-up ads, Facebook ads or Google ads. These ads would help customers remember information about the brand, and they wont be able to ignore such ads, particularly if they are of high quality. For example, if a video starts playing in front of the user, at the start of a YouTube video while they are trying to watch a song, they wont be able to ignore the ad. In fact, YouTube has a time limit, only after which the user can skip the ad.

Such ads are used for brand positioning; whenever the customer wants to buy a product, they will immediately remember the ad and the brand selling the product. Such brand positioning is very helpful in increasing sales and revenues Click Here.

Hashtag Hype

If a brand wants to make people curious about a product that they are launching, then they ask their marketers to create hashtag hype. They choose specific keywords that relate to their brand, and start posting tweets or Facebook posts on both platforms, at a massive scale. This leads to trending topics and when customers see something trending, they do click on the hashtag to explore it further.

This is particularly helpful in the case of introducing new chip flavors or ice-cream flavors, as customers feel the need to try such products right away. They would want to tweet or share their experience on Facebook, after using the product, so that they can be part of what everyone is talking about.


When the search engine optimization techniques adopted by a marketer are according to the guidelines of search engines, and he is able to attract visitors to a website, then that means a good ranking in Google search results. If Google is telling customers that this website is reliable, then users will believe the search engine and will explore the website further. This ranking influences the buying behavior of consumers.

Success Factors Of Search Engine Optimization

Every company hires the best SEO expert and invests in SEO marketing. However, such companies often ignore the factors that contribute towards the success of SEO, and they focus more on short cuts. If they read the basics of SEO and take the success factors into account, then they would face disappointment, and would see that there SEO marketing Bill Lentis Media LLC gives a good outcome.

An SEO marketing would be successful, if a companys website and blog gets a good ranking on search engine websites, they are able to increase organic traffic and conversion rate Search Engine Journal.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO factors are those, which are found on the website and on webpages Search Engine Land. These factors are important for the success of SEO marketing, because they give a quality foundation to it.


This is the first on-page SEO factor, which has the ability to attract traffic to the website. A proper sitemap is required, because it helps readers and search engines understand what a website is about. If Google, for example, is not able to understand the purpose of a website, then it would be able to index it.

Authority And Trustworthiness

If a website shows that it is not secure, then the user wont be able to trust it; he would visit it once, see the unsecure sign and then leave the website right away. The work on the website should be trustworthy as well, as it gives it authority over peoples perception. If the work posted on a website is never credible, and has flaws, then users wont visit the website.

Design Of The Website

Every SEO strategy should take into account mobile strategy. This means that every website should have a design that works on mobile devices, or else, a website wont get any traffic, or less traffic. People use mobile devices more than they use desktop, because everything they want is on their mobile devices, which stresses the importance of a responsive design.

Innovative Content

If a marketer wants to make SEO success, then he needs to update fresh and quality content on the website, on a daily basis. It doesnt have to be a long, 2000 word article; it can be a quote or words of wisdom, promotional content or discount offers. Things that are valuable and helpful to customers, they should be uploaded on the website, so that they attract users and increase organic traffic.

Speed Of The Website

A website developer should make sure that the speed of the website is good and it doesnt take long for it to load, for users. If a websites landing page has too many large images, then it will take a lot of time for it to load, and it will be a bad experience for the user. A website developer would also know the coding that would quicken the speed of a website.

Off-Page SEO Factors

The first off-page SEO factor that would make SEO a success, is link building SEO mechanic. Websites should include quality third-party links, that are relevant to the products and services of a brand. There are links that are more valuable than the others, like .edu and .gov. If a website includes a government link or an educational institutional link, then that makes the website more credible and trustworthy.

Social Media Sharing

If a post is shared on social media accounts, and it goes viral, then this could be an indirect measure of how successful is SEO. When a post goes viral on social media, then people look for the website and explore more content relevant to it.

Keeping Away From Violations

To make sure that a website appears in search engine results, a website should stay on Googles good side, and must not implement Black Hat SEO strategies. A website should use a SSL certificate to make sure that visitors can surf the website safely, and their system doesnt get attacked by any viruses.

If a brand is running a blog, then they should make sure that there are no spam comments on the website Optin Monster. At times, people include links of strange websites, and spam comments, so that users would visit their website as well.

The best thing to do, in order to make SEO success, is to not post articles that are ridden with keywords SEO Visor. Those articles which are ridden with keywords, they are not of quality, and they ruin the user experience as well.

6 Keys To Elevate Your Google Local Ranking

A high local maps search ranking (i.e. a ranking in the maps area just below the ads and just on top of the organic rankings) is one of the most desirable positions of all. If your SEO clients can possibly be categorized as a local business, for instance, within a state, city, county or village then the localised spots are your best option to target, even more influential than organic serps.

If you want to improve traffic from your neighborhood you should optimize your website or blog appropriately. Localised SEO calls for focused attention on making your online presence more localised. Some techniques that can help you in doing this more effectively are listed below.

Fast website loading speed

You must see to it that your web site loads rapidly, as this will certainly reduce the bounce rate (how promptly someone leaves a website after visiting it). A sluggish loading site will invariably push your bounce rate up. So ask your developer to make your site speedy.

Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is vital to the degree of trust Google puts in a web site. It furnishes Google with useful data regarding business name, address, web address, contact details, proximity, as well as which category your company fits. Be sure the information you supply is accurate and thorough as Google needs to trust your information to offer up your organisation as a result for search queries. Including premium and authentic pictures will also be of benefit to give Google the right signals.

Develop your websites link profile

Get high quality links from others in the same local area. This involves linking your site to as many credible online neighborhood posts and sites as you can. Some of your options are: participating in neighborhood charity drives, local events or sponsorship for a regional event or group, which could make a link from their website to your own.

Combine organic rankings with paid Ads

When organic, advertisement listings and local maps results all show your business in page one of a search engines results the result is your business monopolizes the first page results and you have a high chance of landing the lions share of valuable business. So it’s definitely worth considering investing in improving your organic results and paying for some ads on relevant keyphrases.

Have a powerful technique for obtaining quality ratings

A multitude of glowing customer reviews could help raise the overall CTR or exposure of your web site. A lot of people consider testimonials and your review rating in Google search when deciding which result they will look into further.

Increase social signals

Engaging a large following can help send the right signals to Google. A well executed social media campaign connects with your niche market and sends a vote of confidence to the search engines. Indirectly, an elevated level of social activity can boost your local results by increasing your CTR, and encouraging Google to trust you. A number of businesses attract a greater quantity of followers by connecting with prominent individuals on social media, creating fascinating content.

Google frequently modifies its search algorithms and Search Engine Optimization has to stay current. These keys we have mentioned, are fundamental to improving your local ranking, and being prominent with an excellent ranking in your local area is undoubtedly a great and worthwhile investment to make in the ongoing profitability and reach of your business.

The Five Functions Of An Excellent Free Video Download Site.

I grew tired of paying a monthly fee for downloading the videos I needed. What did I do to get as far away from this as possible was go to google and type in “totally free video download”

I was really pleased when my search returned 358,000,000 results. “Wow, that is a multitude” I stated to myself. However, what was unknown to me was I was in for the worst experience of my life. Don’t get dissuaded here, as this experience has turned out
to be the best the best possible outcome I made for my life and home entertainment.

With the above search number results, I believed that there would be several websites where you can get free video downloads or something related to a free video download.

I had previously signed up with many complimentary video download websites and I became extremely disappointed with all of them. Here are the 6 things you need to look for in a complimentary video services download

Number one, if any website declares to offer complimentary video downloads and then asks you for a monthly charge of any sort, I suggest that you run from it. The finest complimentary video download sites will ask for a one-time cost just to help them preserve
their services and resources for all that they offer.

Number two, the quality of the videos downloaded: this is somehow related to the above point. From my experience, totally free video download websites that do not request a subscription charge generally supply low quality videos that are blurry and that spin. You
see the most popular video site Youtube, there are lots of videos, it is free to join but what about the quality of the videos you get?

Number three, download limits: there should be no download limits what so ever. The majority of websites limit the number of videos you can download each day, some per hour and others per session. These are not good and I would not recommend that you join them.

Number four, your safety and the safety of your computer system or device. You must have a level of concern for most of the free video download sites. The majority of have the capability to infect your computer with viruses, adware and spy ware.

For your security and the security of your device, you ought to keep away from these sites. What are the things that tell you that this website will infect your device with infections and adware? That is a million-dollar question, is it not? I have the answer as I
have joined a lot of the totally free video download websites and I supply reviews of all of them and this lead me to the easy conclusion that the majority are untrustworthy.

Number five, how about the variety of videos readily available for you? I believe we all want the site to have as many videos as possible. It would not be great for you to join a website that has only 10 million videos when you can get access to another with over
100 million videos.

Well, there are lots of other things I can talk about here such as the client assistance, the download speed and a lot more. But I hope the above can offer you a small hint of what you need you need to look for in a totally free video download website.

The Best Video Seo Service Tips To Help You Promote Yourself

The digital age is consistently growing and search engine optimization is becoming more and more important. Professional SEO services can be very helpful for brand validity and awareness
since you can get different services such as social media integration, content marketing and more. It can also push companies to new heights, while making sure they stay competitive in any
industry or niche.

Mobile optimization is also very important because most of your target consumers are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. This allows your pages to be accessible via wireless devices
leading to higher visibility on local search results, Google Maps, and especially customer testimonials and citations.

Video Services With SEO

Another important aspect of online marketing is SEO services for videos. From promotional videos to brand commercials, video SEO is designed to generate a lasting interest in your products
and services. They can generate more leads and income and they help you increase your social media visibility through interaction such as likes, comments and shares.

There are different portals that you can use to host your business videos such as YouTube, Amazon, Dailymotion and many more. These can be consumer testimonials about your brand, along with
reviews of products, sales promotions and client discounts. These videos, produced by the best SEO specialists or agencies, will ensure a professional online image, which can lengthen recognition
of your brand and position your business as a true leader in any industry.

Promotional SEO Video Essentials

When it comes to video SEO services, there are some aspects that you must keep in mind. You should know that the main aim of any business video is to persuade and amuse the visitors with
appropriate and engaging details.

You should also ensure that the visitors will learn more concerning your brand, goods and services. Industry experts made note a few of the things that you must include in your videos if your target is to make certain that it may enhance brand growth:

-High-def video with a clear audio.

-You have to incorporate trademarks, visuals and images which will represent your brand.

-Always include links to your internet site, online store or blogs. This is an effective way to connect the visitors and clients to your products and services.

-You have to present a clear and precise message that will attract visitors as this will lead to more conversions, qualified prospects and income.

-You should search for the right video sharing site that can offer a lot of features that you can use for the videos.

-Find a reputable agency that will be able to satisfy your seo needs. They can also help you with your marketing strategies in the future.

You May Save Time and Money

Even if you’re new to this industry or you have been offering your services and products on the web for many years, the use of marketing videos will always be a great way to advertise your
online business. You will find a variety of services that you can incorporate with your videos including mentioning keywords in selected locations, the marketing of your brand, and building

If you wish to understand the different benefits that you will receive from these promotional videos, you should reach out and speak to your local video seo agency service today
and start taking advantage of the best SEO services available.

Seo – 5 Ways To Get Higher In Dutch Google Rankings

To get higher in Google, or translated into Dutch it would be “hoger in google komen“, health related blogs search result listings is like getting free advertising for your website. The health organic listings cannot be bought and your website can only appear on it through proper search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the bed rock for online marketing and all webmasters should optimize their websites right from the beginning.

By getting high Google rankings, it will bring you more visitors and probably new customers too. In this article, let me share with you 5 ways to get high Google rankings:

1. Develop the right keyword list. Targeting the right keyword is the key to SEO success. If you optimize the wrong keyword, there will be no conversion.

2. Use unique Title and Meta Description for every page of your website. The keywords that you place in your Title and Meta tags should be relevant to the content of the page. The Title tag is like a book title; it tells the search engines what the page is about. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to use relevant titles for every page of your website.

3. Write good content and place it on your website. Content is king in SEO. Good content can be in the form of words, videos, audio, widgets, etc. Your objective is to provide value to your visitors and turn your website into a link bait. With good content, other webmasters will start linking to you and this will increase your website link popularity. Link popularity is one of the key factors for SEO success, so do not overlook it.

4. Good SEO copy-writing. Adding keywords in the right place will help increase the visibility of the keywords. But, you need to be careful with this approach. Stuffing too many keywords within the content will make Google thinks that you are spamming them. So no matter what, always consider the human element. Write for human to read instead of Google.

5. Build more back links. Link building increases your website link popularity which will help it to get higher rankings on Google. You can build links through article marketing, press release submission, link exchange with other webmasters, directory submission and social book marking.

These are some of the things that you should do to get high Google rankings. SEO takes time, especially link building. You need to work on it consistently to see results. Develop your link building strategy plan and work on it religiously. Good luck!

What Can An Seo Company Do For Your Business?

As a business, there are several things that you need to make sure that are going right so that you can make more profits. For your business to survive, you need to make sure that it has a large clientele base. To do so, you will need to incorporate the latest and best methods of advertising and marketing. One of the best platforms for marketing is online or internet marketing. There are several strategies that you can choose from, one of the very common ones is SEO services. Before you can start benefiting from professional SEO services, it is important that you find the perfect SEO firm out there. To be able to implement the best SEO solutions, you may want to look for SEO consultants in London that will cater for all your needs. This will be ideal for your company.

What Does an SEO Company Really Do?
When you approach a high-end SEO company, you expect the best from them when it comes to ensuring that your site gets the optimization that it requires. Most people will let SEO companies go ahead and do their thing without asking what is really being done, and this should not be the case. It is vital that you know what your SEO firm is doing for you. With a clear understanding of what your firm is doing for you, you will know whether you are getting quality services or not. A reputable and well-established SEO company will treat your site as if it is their own.

There are certain strategies that you an SEO firm will do for your business to ensure that it get to attain their marketing goal, some of the services you should expect, include:
Site Structure Analysis One of the main thing that will be done by SEO firms is to properly ensure that your site is properly structured so that search engines can read it easily. Some of the things that your site is checked for include robots.txt, sitemap, indexed status, site errors and other aspects.

Content analysis This is a common step, which mainly involves checking and going through your content. The main reason why this is done is to correct any poor ranking content, duplicate content, missing pages among other content issues.

Off-Page analysis This will involve checking you online presence and whether it is reputable or not. To enhance off-page marketing various things will need to be done.
Other things you should expect from a SEO specialist firm include on-page optimization, off-page optimization, code, and site structure optimization and other vital strategies. You want a firm that will deliver on their promise and increase our presence online.

Search Engine Optimization Assures Better Return On Investment

Search engine optimization commonly referred to as SEO can be anything, but a buzzword of the internet marketing or online business promotion concept. Today, it has become a common phenomenon to get the latest and much-demanding SEO services, for example, applied at the website to get high page rank and firm stability on the top in the SERPs or search engine result pages.

As far as the SEO or search engine marketing concept is concerned, it has revolutionized the online marketing or advertising way. It is the technique that ensure set customer base, increased page rank, assured ROI, and above all firm stability that is vital for the overall growth of the business.

Needless to say, everyone is well aware of the value and use of different search engines. How to lure target audience and convert the traffic into lead is all that every business wants to achieve at any cost. But the main question that wallops the mind is nothing but the concept that can pave the way for success in World Wide Web easily. For this, nothing would be cost-effective and better way than SEO.

Finding your website on top of the search engines will improve your competitive edge, which in turn helps to retain the customers and add new visitors to the website. Promoting your business or service with the support of SEO will save your time and money spend on traditional advertising solution. It is more effective than banner ads. Beside this, SEO offers content that is relevant and easily accessible to increase your brand recognition and identity. Thus helps you to reach the market and fulfill your goals and objectives.

Talking about this new concept deeply, it is divided into basically two categories named On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. When it comes to On-page optimization it includes a wide spectrum of services ranging from keyword analysis /research/implementation to content development, meta tag and header tag optimization, internal navigation optimization, site map implementation, image optimization to the list goes on.

On the other hand, off-page optimization include link building popularity, SEO article writing, directory submission, URL submission, RSS feed distribution, blog creation and the list goes on. It goes without saying that it is an entirely new concept of business promotion in the internet era. But, main problem that often comes in the mind of website owners is to find the right and proficient team of SEO service providers.

As the web continues on its exponential development path, the desire for better search engines becomes more indispensable. These are the challenges that are confronting the search engines, as well as the experts who add to their success. Search motor advertising is a craftsmanship that needs skill, and innovativeness, a synergy of unique substance, proficient promoting, and site analysis. These are the foundations for a successful SEO campaign.