Offline Marketing Campaign Ideas Creating Your Own Strategies

Entrepreneurs cant succeed by just imitating the strategies that others use. Many who practice that mess up themselves, and their business then falls into ruins.

To keep your campaign safe from that error, create original ideas. If thats beyond your ability, modify whats already been used to suit your business. Challenge yourself with the offline marketing ideas below.

Be more innovative with your hashtags and logos.

Hashtags and their use are no longer just in the domain of social media. They have evolved into things that can be used to convey messages through offline means. Look at hashtags as a way to create conversations among people about your products and their benefits.

Use your logo and your hashtag for this purpose. Create head-turning images that can make people start talking about you, or the benefits they can get from your products. Together with the logo and the hashtag, put the images on a shirt that will be worn by your employees. Have additional shirts for giveaways.

Call in the children, the elderly, bigwigs, and other influencers to be part of the team.

This isnt going to be just a one-man-to-do-it-all campaign, is it? Get influential people to work on your side.

Targeting the millennials, for example, means that you may have to invite into your team a couple of celebrities from the movie industry, or the likes of Facebook founders Zuckerberg and Moskovitz.

But it doesnt have to be that you always use people with big names, since that approach can break the bank. There are much cheaper strategies for the same purpose.

Connect with adults by producing images featuring babies. Neuroscience marketing studies have shown that these small gifts from heaven do have the power to grab the attention of adults. Instead of a sleeping couple, you can use a baby in advertising a king-size mattress.

Can the elderly be used as your influencers as well? Yes. Being creative means looking at things in new ways.

Make your direct mail marketing a welcome experience for your market.

Do you think that the direct mailing campaign has lost its luster? Youre dead wrong. Those who know better refuse to give it up that easily.

Why? This so-called golden oldie in marketing finds itself reinvented in the minds of those who can think outside the box, and this method has been reapplied in novel ways in the digital era.

As a result:

People receive mailers with messages that can appear only after contact with water.

Some companies use big colorful flying balloons with a call-to-action written on them. This makes potential customers more receptive to follow-up sales calls.

Theres also that mail approach wherein manufacturing companies were prodded to sell their surplus or old equipment for cash. The attention-grabber here was the fake money (for payment) that came with the letter.

The old dog in marketing called direct mail cant be stopped. Its because its constantly fueled by people who themselves are creatively unstoppable.

You can be the same as them.