The Make Up Of A Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures are always in the mix when talking about marketing materials. Almost every company will have their own iteration of the ever-so-popular printed material. These companies all aim to do one thing, which is to give information in a compact yet exciting medium.

The premise seems simple enough, but within a brochure is a more complex mixture of different elements. Utilizing these elements can produce a brochure that can present information in an efficient and effective way. If these elements do not jive and work together, your brochure will not succeed in delivering your message to your audience.
Here, you will learn about what elements make a good brochure and how you can avoid the common mistakes when printing tri-fold brochures. Check these out:

Paper The type of paper used in printing the brochures affects the way the audience appreciates the information presented. It should be pleasant to touch and look at. It should also be of the right thickness or weight to ensure that the print on one side does not bleed to the other.

Colors Utilizing the color wheel is a great idea when designing a tri-fold brochure. You need to make sure that the colors used on the theme, fonts, and pictures go together well, and are easy on the eyes. Remember that you want them to keep reading your brochure and not lose interest easily.

Font types, color, and sizes The text of your brochure is the main priority for these print-outs. Youll communicate to your customers via the verbiage on your brochure, so you need to make sure they are easily readable. You need to choose a font color that pops out against the background, so that your customers dont have to strain their eyes to read your text. Avoid using elaborate font styles, and maintain a simple, yet stylish interface.

Graphics If youre going to include images, then you need to make sure they have good resolution. Theres no use for an image if its blurry, pixilated, or both. Make sure that your paper size and design can accommodate the images, so they dont feel out of place or cramped.

Overall Size You need to make sure to keep your tri-fold brochure to a manageable size. These brochures are designed to be easily distributed, displayed, and stored. The size also opens up a lot of folding options and graphical additions, so choose wisely.

The size also affects the amount of information you can include. Remember that this type of brochure is meant to provide information to your customers, so no compromise on size should be made.

A well-made tri-fold brochure can go a long way in terms of marketing your products and services. Each of the aspect of the brochure must serve its purpose, so that you can get your point across to your customers.