How To Join Tecademics

If you want to know how to join Tecademics, you have two options. You can either join for free as an Ambassador or you can join by purchasing one of the Tecademics products or courses. What I suggest you do is check out this review of Tecademics and you will also find the button to create your account on the same page. This Tecademics review page is the most informative one that I found with the most relevant information. The reviewer also owns the products which makes him more authoritive in his review or so I found.

You start off by registering for free and then once your account has been created, you will have access to the different products available from the members area. Alternatively, the Tecademics review page that I mentioned earlier also links to in depth information pages for each of the products and each page has a button to purchase that Tecadmics course from that page.

The Ecom Incubator product is Tecademics’ premium course and has limited seating available due to it being a hands on training conducted at their facilites in Scottsdale. Due to the small class sizes, once you have created a Tecademics account, you would still need to complete an application before being accepted for the Incubator course. Despite it’s cost, the Ecom Incubator is very popular as it not only teaches students how to do ecommerce, Shopify stores are actually setup in class with Ecom Advisors on hand to help with every step of the setting up process. The product marketing process using Facebook advertising is also taught and implemented in class.

If you are simply joining to participate in the Tecademics affiliate program, you can join as a free Ambassador without having to purchase any products. If you don’t own the product, your first sale counts as an activation sale and you don’t receive any commission on that sale. The commission is passed on to the person that introduced you to Tecademics. After activation, you are able to sell the same product and make 20% commission on the next two sales. The affiliate program pays a maximum of 40% commission so the other half goes to the person that introduced you too. After the first 3 sales of that product, you can now earn the full 40% commissions. You do still have to share every 5th sale half-half with your upline. You can check out the full compensation plan details on the Tecademics review page where you can also get more details on how to Join Tecademics.