How To Get A Good Courtroom Criminal Lawyer

If you have criminal charges brought against you and you need representation in a courtroom, you will require to find a very good and qualified QC. This is to ensure that you get the best representation and possibly get the chance to plea for a shorter term served.

Here are some good tips for getting the best courtroom criminal defence QC.

Courtroom Skills.

It is important to get a QC who is qualified in courtroom defence skills. He or she should be able to counter any accusations and enable the court to see clear details in your defence. It is common to find barristers who are well versed with the law but perform poorly in the courtroom. Ensure you choose one that can represent you properly.


An experienced barrister is extremely important. Their experience is fundamental in ensuring that they are able to dig up all the details of the case and determine how best to represent you in the court. They will also be aware of all the tactics any prosecutor will use against you and how to counter them.


Always go for a barrister who is available to handle your case. They should allocate enough time to your case such that during any hearing they will be there and will also be fully prepared. Never go for a barrister who will only go through the case a few hours before court. There is a high likelihood that they will lose the case due to rushed preparedness.


This is a very useful trait. Your criminal defence QC should be able to tell you how the case is progressing without lying or eliminating details. They should also tell you in advance if they think your hearing will proceed smoothly as well as informing you if there are fewer chances that you will win. Giving clients false hope knowingly is morally wrong.

Good Reputation.

This matters very much when it comes to courtroom representation. Get a barrister who has represented clients like you before and has won most cases. This will mean that you can trust that they will do all they can for you as their client. Top criminal defence QCs can be found in directories for respected barrister chambers. One such man is Michael Wolkind QC, whose biography summary can be found on this page:

Reasonable Costs.

Do not spend more than you have just to get a barrister. You can always search for lower prices and get good representation. However, the really cheap prices could give you results that will be less than satisfactory.