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Off Line Marketing

What You Need To Know About Offline Marketing In Print

Offline marketing consists of advertising components that are not directly linked to digital marketing or marketing on the Internet. It covers traditional media practices like advertising on the radio, television, and of course in print.

One of the most popular form of offline advertising is through print ads, but these arent limited to in-store posters. You have a wide variety of materials including leaflets, flyers, brochures, billboards, catalogues, and even business cards.

You might be thinking that the digital space is the only channel in which to advertise, given that it has an expanded reach. The problem is that there remain millions of potential consumers around the world that dont particularly favor or have access to computers, mobile devices, let alone the Internet. This is why traditional print media continues to thrive in the modern world.

Companies of all sizes may use online marketing channels, but there are those that complement these efforts with print. For some businesses, print may be their only option in terms of raising awareness for their brand. The main goal of printed materials is to help create buzz about a business and its products and services.

Offline marketing may be ideal for smaller businesses that want to make themselves known to the general public. In this case, newspaper ads, posters, and flyers may be the print media of choice. With smaller businesses focusing on niche consumer markets, they will now have the ability to reach targeted audiences much quicker.

A billboard on the other hand is a great example of a type of printed media that a mid-scale business can benefit from. With their targeted audience significantly increased, they can advertise on a regional level with ease. Especially when the billboard is installed in a high traffic area, say a major thoroughfare, its highly possible for the brand to increase its traction over time.

Apart from print ads, corporate giveaways also fall under the umbrella of printed materials. Something as simple as a fan, pen, mug, or umbrella can do wonders for a company in terms of getting free advertising. No one resists a freebie, and this is why corporate giveaways are excellent offline marketing tools.

There are a number of printing shops today that cater to the crafting of these items. All businesses really need is to have their brand marked on the item, and theyll get perpetual free advertising (or advertising as long as the giveaway lasts).

So there are plenty of viable options when it comes to printed marketing media. Its up to the company to decide which one they think will work in their favor. And of course, its important that the company work with a good printer, lest their branding be mocked.

The Make Up Of A Tri-fold Brochure

Tri-fold brochures are always in the mix when talking about marketing materials. Almost every company will have their own iteration of the ever-so-popular printed material. These companies all aim to do one thing, which is to give information in a compact yet exciting medium.

The premise seems simple enough, but within a brochure is a more complex mixture of different elements. Utilizing these elements can produce a brochure that can present information in an efficient and effective way. If these elements do not jive and work together, your brochure will not succeed in delivering your message to your audience.
Here, you will learn about what elements make a good brochure and how you can avoid the common mistakes when printing tri-fold brochures. Check these out:

Paper The type of paper used in printing the brochures affects the way the audience appreciates the information presented. It should be pleasant to touch and look at. It should also be of the right thickness or weight to ensure that the print on one side does not bleed to the other.

Colors Utilizing the color wheel is a great idea when designing a tri-fold brochure. You need to make sure that the colors used on the theme, fonts, and pictures go together well, and are easy on the eyes. Remember that you want them to keep reading your brochure and not lose interest easily.

Font types, color, and sizes The text of your brochure is the main priority for these print-outs. Youll communicate to your customers via the verbiage on your brochure, so you need to make sure they are easily readable. You need to choose a font color that pops out against the background, so that your customers dont have to strain their eyes to read your text. Avoid using elaborate font styles, and maintain a simple, yet stylish interface.

Graphics If youre going to include images, then you need to make sure they have good resolution. Theres no use for an image if its blurry, pixilated, or both. Make sure that your paper size and design can accommodate the images, so they dont feel out of place or cramped.

Overall Size You need to make sure to keep your tri-fold brochure to a manageable size. These brochures are designed to be easily distributed, displayed, and stored. The size also opens up a lot of folding options and graphical additions, so choose wisely.

The size also affects the amount of information you can include. Remember that this type of brochure is meant to provide information to your customers, so no compromise on size should be made.

A well-made tri-fold brochure can go a long way in terms of marketing your products and services. Each of the aspect of the brochure must serve its purpose, so that you can get your point across to your customers.

Offline Marketing Campaign Ideas Creating Your Own Strategies

Entrepreneurs cant succeed by just imitating the strategies that others use. Many who practice that mess up themselves, and their business then falls into ruins.

To keep your campaign safe from that error, create original ideas. If thats beyond your ability, modify whats already been used to suit your business. Challenge yourself with the offline marketing ideas below.

Be more innovative with your hashtags and logos.

Hashtags and their use are no longer just in the domain of social media. They have evolved into things that can be used to convey messages through offline means. Look at hashtags as a way to create conversations among people about your products and their benefits.

Use your logo and your hashtag for this purpose. Create head-turning images that can make people start talking about you, or the benefits they can get from your products. Together with the logo and the hashtag, put the images on a shirt that will be worn by your employees. Have additional shirts for giveaways.

Call in the children, the elderly, bigwigs, and other influencers to be part of the team.

This isnt going to be just a one-man-to-do-it-all campaign, is it? Get influential people to work on your side.

Targeting the millennials, for example, means that you may have to invite into your team a couple of celebrities from the movie industry, or the likes of Facebook founders Zuckerberg and Moskovitz.

But it doesnt have to be that you always use people with big names, since that approach can break the bank. There are much cheaper strategies for the same purpose.

Connect with adults by producing images featuring babies. Neuroscience marketing studies have shown that these small gifts from heaven do have the power to grab the attention of adults. Instead of a sleeping couple, you can use a baby in advertising a king-size mattress.

Can the elderly be used as your influencers as well? Yes. Being creative means looking at things in new ways.

Make your direct mail marketing a welcome experience for your market.

Do you think that the direct mailing campaign has lost its luster? Youre dead wrong. Those who know better refuse to give it up that easily.

Why? This so-called golden oldie in marketing finds itself reinvented in the minds of those who can think outside the box, and this method has been reapplied in novel ways in the digital era.

As a result:

People receive mailers with messages that can appear only after contact with water.

Some companies use big colorful flying balloons with a call-to-action written on them. This makes potential customers more receptive to follow-up sales calls.

Theres also that mail approach wherein manufacturing companies were prodded to sell their surplus or old equipment for cash. The attention-grabber here was the fake money (for payment) that came with the letter.

The old dog in marketing called direct mail cant be stopped. Its because its constantly fueled by people who themselves are creatively unstoppable.

You can be the same as them.

How Marketing Offline Can Help Boost Your Sales

What will happen one day if there were no Google? What if you woke up and there was no YouTube or Facebook? Okay, the Internet isnt going away, but what if it suddenly crashes? All of your online marketing strategies would become useless.

There could be some people in your organization right now that aren’t going to figure out anything about the internet. Some people will, some people won’t. These are some of the reasons why you have to learn to adapt and incorporate marketing offline and direct mail marketing in all your marketing efforts.

But what really is marketing offline?

In simple terms, marketing offline is a marketing campaign without using the Internet. When youre marketing offline, youre using old-school marketing methods to reach out to your prospective customers. Some of these old marketing methods are advertisements in magazines, newspapers, print media, hoardings, exhibition shows and so on.

Marketing offline can help to increase your brands popularity, profit maximization, revenue generation, and product sale. However, this marketing concept is not always suitable for small businesses with small budget, because paying for advertisements alone can be costly. The cost of marketing offline can pile up especially when youre using all those old marketing methods.

Considering the rise of email and social media, what are offline strategies that still work?

Some of the offline strategies that still work today are direct mail, business card distribution, speaking at events, making cold calls, local print publications, participating in trade shows, donating products as contest prizes, and advertisements on billboards and sidewalks.

What is direct mail and how is it vital to marketing offline?

When planning an allocation for marketing budgets we have to keep in mind that when it comes to return on investment, nothing beats direct mail as the most effective tool for marketing offline. Many companies have used this marketing method for quite some time now, and abundant data is available to show its effectiveness. Direct mail can reduce the cost of acquiring new customers for your business and can open up possibilities to meet new people who have not heard of your products or services.

How businesses are optimizing their marketing campaigns?

At present, many companies consider their websites and social media pages as the center of their marketing efforts. Companies reach out to their audience through their social media pages and these audiences visit the websites to learn more about the products and services. Most companies are now doing marketing offline and online to make their website known to an even larger audience.


As we welcome new technologies and strategies for our marketing campaigns, let us not forget that those old school strategies can still work, especially when its marketing with direct mail. The cost of marketing offline may be more than with marketing online, but its well worth the effort spent.

3 Things To Consider When Creating Impactful Human Directional Signs

A smart and effectively designed human directional sign not only comes associated with a good visual appeal, but has a whole lot of other factors contributing it. Right from the colors, fonts, texts, locality of marketing to target customers, you must consider a bunch of things to make a positive mark on the people. Here are 3 things to consider when creating impactful human directional signs.

Design According to the Location of Marketing

The very first step to designing great human directional signs is a good planning and being well aware of the areas where you are planning to showcase your ads. This plays a major role in determining the size and placement of the different elements of the signage. You must know whether you will display the same on a crowded street, a natural setting or a market space, as well as determine the distance between the people and the spinner. If you are looking for a spinner that moves the advertisement across a vast area and different places, you must go for a visual pattern that can work well with a broad spectrum of surroundings.

Mention only the Most Important Data

Getting your ads noticed calls for including only the most important pieces of information. Cut excess content and mention your key data or services in order to deliver your message better and catch the eyes of the people around the street. To make it more impactful, you can go for a clever choice of fonts and text styles, giving more emphasis to the important parts of your advertisement.

Keep things Simple, Clear and Crisp

An overly crowded advertisement is less likely to steal one’s attention as compared to signs with a good utilization of space. Go for good spacing between the words and make sure you don’t stuff the banners with graphics or text. Keep things simple and crisp in terms of information, and use the empty spaces in a way that your content stands out with grace. Bright, contrasting colors will help focus on the major sections of your content, specially if you choose shades that compliment the environment.

It’s all about doing a detailed study of your target customers, the location of advertisement, as well as the products and services you are willing to promote. Different human directional signs are meant for different set of people and requirements, and that’s why keeping the aforesaid tips in mind can work amazingly well for creating impactful signs for your business.