Can A Piece Of Junk Be Considered A Donation?

Cultivating a sense of charity in a self-centered world is indeed an honorable cause. However, there are times when a charity needs to have the ability to say no to such donations. Unfortunately, there are instances when it would be a
good idea to really think about going to the junkyard instead of donating problems.

Trash Is Not Treasure

Although it may hold true that charities might make a bit of revenue by offering scraps, the labor included may not be equal to or even outweigh the financial fruits. Think about it, if your car or truck has a trashed engine a rusty
chassis and is literally of no usage, the charity will need to carry the cost of towing, taking the automobile apart then transferring it to the scrapheap.

An Assertion

Now you may argue that there are online companies that accept junk automobiles as offerings. Really, if you do even the slightest research study, you will find out that these businesses are not charities at all. They are organization
entities whose service is to be a middleman between individuals and charitable organizations. Let me put it in this manner: If an old rusty vehicle sells for $100 and the charity only gets $5, then what will a charity do with $5?!

Be Fair!

Be honest, if someone provided you a useless car would you like it or use it? As a matter of reality statistics will tell you that as much as 5% of all donated automobiles are a liability to the charities rather than a true asset.

On the other hand, if your car is a vintage collectible even if it’s in really awful shape you still might be able to get a charity that will be overjoyed at receiving such a contribution. A vintage car contribution is unusual because
like all antiques they really have a high resale sticker price, and some are even invaluable. Then auction it off to the greatest bidder.

If you think about it, substantial charitable organizations like the American Red Cross only accept “decent looking and operating cars.” They need to earn a profit so that they can have it work into humanitarian agendas. If your automobile
is only unsightly but still runs fine the company has subsidiaries that recondition the vehicle. Once its refurbished, they will either utilize it to perform their tasks or auction it to raise funds.

Don’t Be Crestfallen

If your nostalgic old ride can’t qualify as a worthy automobile contribution, then why not sell it to a dump heap? Set it up to be towed and then utilize the money and contribute it to the charity.

If you are truly devoted to the generosity of donating, ask the charity to bring back the automobile and then auction it off to the highest bidder. The bottom line is you are dramatically helping the charity out if you are in fact donating a
vehicle in good working order. Yes, you can have yourself a tax write off but it goes much deeper than that and warms the heart.